The Galley Gang

The Galley Gang

The Galley Gang

The Galley Gang is an informal group who get together to share inspiration, tips and tricks and host short workshops for yacht chefs focusing on new food culture, trends and techniques. A way to get inspiration outside the galley walls.


We created an identity that would appeal to their well travelled sophisticated audience. Choosing to add playful elements in within the brand application and supporting ship's wheel marque.  

main brand logo for galley gang
Logo design the galley gang
letterhead design galley gang
beer bottle label design bristol bath
poster design for galley gang
photography art direction galley gang
art direction lemons galley gang
Tote design for Galley Gang
galley gang photography art direction
facebook page galley gang
the galley gang food outside
art direction photography galley gang


Ground Floor.
12-13 Kings Square,
Bristol. BS2 8JH

Studio B, 14 Backfields Lane,
Bristol. BS2 8QW
+44 (0)7543 834326

+44 (0)7543 834326