To accompany the opening of their first restaurant Friska undertook a total rebrand, they were looking to expand and engage with new customers while not alienating their current base. Friska also wanted to retain their independent asethetic while slowly building a larger audience.

–Art Direction 
–Digital Design

To completely understand Friska's vision an extensive session of brand workshopping and positioning was undertaken, these findings then filtered back into all the creative work produced.

Designed at

monogram logo on black for friska
outside graphics for friska
wall graphics inside friska

The rebranding and positioning process helped Friska to expand from their initial two restaurants to five with continual growth predicted over the coming years with a forecast of 50 sites within 10 years. 

environmental graphics for friska
friska logo apron branding
outdoor signage friska food
poster inside friska of soup
friska interior shot order here
aerial shot of friska soup
newspaper with coffee in friska
aerial shot friska food
art direction for friska bristol
friska feel good food photography
branding bag friska brand
brown bag brand friska food
business cards for friska bristol
bristol branding for friska feel good food
photography of friska food


Ground Floor.
12-13 Kings Square,
Bristol. BS2 8JH

Studio B, 14 Backfields Lane,
Bristol. BS2 8QW
+44 (0)7543 834326

+44 (0)7543 834326