70 Queens Road

Create and implement a flexible branding system that places equal emphasis on three already established independents. 


70 Queens Road was the meeting of Bristol based businesses Friska, Rise Music and Rise Revival. Occupying a space on the Clifton Triangle, the aim was to provide customers with a new experience through fusing the combination of great food and music. 

A marque was created based on the stores geographic location and equal stake between the three businesses. The triangle was used as a device to split priority between each business.

Designed at 01134.co.uk

Outdoor graphic design poster
bag design for bristol startup
Friska shared with Rise Records
poster design and graphics for bristol
posters for 70 queens road
art direction for bristol startup
art direction for bristol startup


Spike Island
133 Cumberland Rd,
Bristol. BS1 6UX

Spike Island. 133 Cumberland Rd,
Bristol. BS1 6UX

+44 (0)7543 834326