The Home Escape

The Home Escape offers bespoke holiday packages for a discerning clientele. Driven to deliver the perfect, unadulterated luxury break with everything you could possibly need – from a personal chef to wellington boots.

–UX + UI
–Website Design
–Packaging Design


UX Thinking / Prototyping

To help capture The Home Escapes requirements a series of workshops were undertaken, these helped and informed key usability choices from the outset. Due to The Home Escape targeting a very specific type of end user a drilled down and focused series of personas were also created to identify the types of users and there browsing habits.

Plotting potential common user journeys and tasks created a content hierarchy to begin to take through into the prototyping stage of the project.

Website + UI Design

To help reinforce The Home Escapes position as a premium and go to for luxury rental a stripped back and minimal approach was taken to the UI. This thinking was also directly influenced by the new brand identity, which centred around the use of a minimal colour palette and the architecturally influenced logo-mark. Following our discoveries within the research stage an image centred structured was followed allowing the exciting and intriguing venues to capture a potential bookers imagination.