Bristol based start-up Syncsmith launched in July 2016 and rapidly gained traction within the dynamic TV, Film and Gaming markets. To commemorate its avant-garde roster and its second wave of signings approached me to design a precision engineered, minimalist lookbook.

–Art Direction

The lookbook takes cues from industrialism to help represent the raw guttural music contained within.

To achieve this the lookbook is cased within black foamlite with UV finishes applied to front and back. The contents is secured with four steel wingnuts positioned in each corner, once dismantled the recipients are presented with a double-sided A3 fold out poster, series of interchangeable artist and label duplexed cards and finally a 20 track promotion CD representing the full spectrum of music featured.

Only 50 copies of the lookbook were produced and hand delivered to friends and prospective clients within the industry.